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Eye Exams Palm Beach Florida

Eye Exams

Have you ever walked into an optometrist’s office and felt completely lost? It is not unusual for patients who are seeking an eye exam to feel completely bewildered by all the terms used by a doctor. Most patients are bundled into a room, given exams and have little idea why the … Learn More...

Contact Lenses Featured Image

Contact Lenses

Dr. Herbert M. Simkin fits the latest in contact lenses. Eyes on the Island has a company that will custom manufacture a contact lens for special fits that are not available as stock items. We fit lenses for astigmatism, multifolcal and extended wear up to one month at a … Learn More...

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Spectacle Lenses & Frames

Technology has changed spectacle lenses dramatically. For decadees little changed in the design and manufacturing of lenses. Now lenses are easier to adapt to and and vision more precise. Our staff will guide you in choosing the right material and design to meet your … Learn More...